Smart Seller – New marketing tools to speed-up off the plan sales

Smart Seller is a trusty helper for all new property buyers, so that they can make a reliable and confident decision, where to live in their forthcoming years. We believe that it is mutually beneficial, for both the developers and their buyers, when the process is smooth, fast and efficient, especially when coupled with long term satisfaction.

Why it is good for you?

Profitable Investment
Experience shows that because of the combined effects of the high quality presentation and the easier understanding of the floor plans, buyers tend to offer a higher transaction price for these properties. This unique presentation does not only anticipate the quality of the future property, but also builds trust between the seller and its client. As a result, prospective buyers are more likely to purchase the property for even 2% higher than the current highest price offered.

Technology in the service of real values
Smart Seller aims to provide all the information needed, along with showing even the smallest details such as how the sun will shine into the apartment. Buyers love Smart Seller for its accuracy and because it gives them answers to all their previously unanswered, or even unasked, questions. Therefore they can make safe positive decisions, up to 20% faster.

Be Unique
As regards your competitors, Smart Seller will make you to stand out from the crowd. With our system your company has the ability to provide comprehensive help and security to your clients, who can later enhance your company’s reputation by referring you to their family, friends and acquaintances due to their satisfaction with you.

What do we do?
Smart Seller is an innovative presentation tool supporting property sales. It provides all the information needed and shows even the smallest details, such as how the sun will shine into the apartment.

This complete solution is an extended sales tool, a show house open 24 hours for your clients, which may be experienced with their family in the comfort of their home where the real decisions are made.

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