Smart Seller


Turn designs into immersive virtual spaces that your clients can visit online! Furthermore they can create and modify the interior design!

Smart Seller will help you to stand out of the crowd of your competitors. With our system your company can provide comprehensive help and safety to your clients, who can later enhance your company’s reputation by referring you to their family, friends and acquaintances.

biz3d 2d to 3d

Special interactive virtual tour with interior design

A real-time 3D walkthrough animation of an interior allows to explore the space before it has been built. Take a look into a fully furnished apartment unit. Customise the interior according to your taste.

This allows your CLIENTS to interactive with your property according to their own needs and desires, space plan and make sure the space works for them. Explore the space in full interactive virtual tour or just sit back and enjoy the tour.

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The latest in high-quality, rapid 3D visualization of physical spaces

According to feedback, the majority of customers cannot fully visualise or understand what they are buying based on only the floor plans. Without completely sensing the space, comprehending its dimensions and depths, prospective home-buyers cannot envisage how it would be to live in their new home.

Smart Seller aims to provide all the information needed and to show even the smallest detail, such as how the sun will shine into the apartment. Buyers love Smart Seller for its accuracy and because it gives answers to all their previously unanswered questions. Therefore they can make safe positive decisions, up to 20% faster.


The 1st point of contact with your prospect is most frequently your internet listing. Competing against 100′s of other properties makes it difficult to attract attention. Add 3D floor plans and interior renderings to your listings to make them stand out. This will allow you to attract more attention and receive more inquiries. You will receive 3 Web Ready 3D Floor Plan JPGs and 5 Interior Renderings JPGs.

See an example here

3d gif 2


A better way to present interior designs

Yes, it is possible with Smart Seller. Experience shows that because of the combined effects of the high quality presentation and the easier understanding of the floor plans, buyers tend to offer a higher transaction price for these properties. This unique presentation does not only anticipate the quality of the future property, but also builds trust between the seller and its client. As a result, prospective buyers are more likely to purchase the property for even 2% higher than the current highest price offered.

Property Video Full HD >> Visit an interior before it’s built

Create the most compelling environments you’ve ever seen. Provide your clients with winning sales arguments. Explore architectural spaces in full-featured 3D models.

We create fully branded high end property videos to be uploaded to your preferred video streaming service (YouTube/ Vimeo)


SMART SELLER is a complete marketing/sales system aimed at speeding up the off-the-plan pre-sales process.

Smart Seller creates trust between the prospective home owner and the seller. It ensures full transparency, and dispels all doubts. The unique presentations are not fixed to a location; they can not only be experienced in the sales office, but elsewhere. Therefore the interested buyers can even view it in the comfort of their own home, with their family where the real decisions are made. Experience it again and again until the final positive decision to buy.

sunlight perpective

Sunlight perspective

When building any type of 3D model representing a space, light is an element that can make or break the viewer’s experience. Using Biz3D models can help architects, designers and potential buyers truly evaluate the impact light can have on an apartment, an office or a house.

We are using a common technique in computer graphics called light baking to simulate the 3D model’s lighting. The light simulation can be set up based on the location of the model, its orientation and a specified time and day of the year. This process is an essential element of any interactive model as it enables visitors to see an apartment or an office with the proper lighting and from every angle.